Friday, September 8th 2017


Gebäude 9, 7PM

Cosmonauts * L.A. Witch * Elephant Stone * Tics

DJs: Sean & Lee (Burger Rec) Slowboy * FX Gold * Beau Travail * MikeMaikMeik

Tickets 15.-

Saturday, September 9th 2017


Molotow, 3PM

King Khan & The Shrines * Cosmonauts * L.A. Witch * The Murlocs * Chuckamuck * Yonatan Gat * Elephant Stone * Mozes & The Firstborn * Sean & Lee (DJ, Burger Rec) * Plattenbau * Swutscher * Death Canyons

Tickets 23.-


Bad news first: The Younger Lovers and Once & Future Band had to cancel their Europe tour and won't be able to appear at Burger Invasion. Now the good news.. We are happy to announce that Elephant Stone will join the lineup in Cologne, and Plattenbau will join the Hamburg lineup.


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Fullerton, CA

Cosmonauts are a California-based band known for their simple, physically powerful songs and punishing stage volume, hashing out powerful, drone-inspired guitar jams inspired by Spacemen 3, Sonic Youth, and the Velvet Underground. Cosmonauts released their first album in the summer of 2010. Their second full-length, If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die, was released in 2012, and in 2013, the group reunited with Burger Records to release a third album, Persona Non Grata. 2016 saw the release of A-OK, Cosmonauts' fourth full-length, which deepened their psych influences and included some mellower fare with shades of dream pop.


Los Angeles, CA

It’s easy to forget that just a few decades ago, the only viable means for penetrating the golden glamour of Los Angeles was via the dusty trail of Route 66. There was acid on the streets and revolution in the air, but there were also Hell’s Angels in the alleys and Manson’s family on the desert periphery. It was an age of innocence, beauty, and opportunity, with an underbelly of lawlessness and depravity. And it had a soundtrack. It’s impossible to listen to L.A. Witch and not hear echoes of that time. Whether they’re conjuring the downtrodden cowpunk of The Gun Club, the seedy metropolitan balladry of Velvet Underground, or the beefed-up blues of Black Sabbath, L.A. Witch remind us of that exhilarating revelation that a city can elevate you just as quickly as it can grind you into the dirt.


Montreal, CAN

Evolution, change, artistic growth, exploration – these words are associated with all great rock and roll bands, but they’re quickly becoming synonymous with Elephant Stone, the Montreal trio led by singer/bassist/songwriter/sitar player, Rishi Dhir. With Ship of Fools (their 4 th full-length LP), Dhir and his bandmates – Miles Dupire (drummer/backing vox) and Gabriel Lambert (geetar/backing vox) – have solidified Elephant Stone’s place among the greats as innovators who are unafraid of challenging themselves and their audience. Elephant Stone emphasizing catchy grooves and vocal melodies that smack of both infectious pop and dance, but Dhir’s lyrics have lost none of their sophistication.


Köllefornia, NRW

Tics = sudden, repetitive, nonrhythmic motor movements under 2 minutes. Debut LP Tiny In My Head out May 2017 via Beaut Travail Records. If you don't like Minutemen, you'll hate Tics.

Burger Records is an independent record label and record store based out of Fullerton, California. The label was founded in 2007 by Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard, members of the power pop band Thee Makeout" Party. The label is notable for releasing most of its material on cassette, and among the hundreds of artists released on the label are Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, The Black Lips, Brian Jonestown Massacre, King Khan, Cosmonauts and many more. The label holds the annual Burgerama music festival in California, featuring dozens of Burger bands as well as the Burgermania at SXSW. The label is known for "its growing catalog of sugary, eccentric power pop and audacious garage rock, extolling a carefree message of love, music and DIY attitude." - OC Weekly